Landscape Design

Landscape design extends your interior living spaces into your exterior environment. Whether its a small backyard or a large acreage, whether it’s summertime or winter and whether it’s daytime or night; we can work with you to come up with innovative ways to add lighting accents, plantings, patios, decks and shade areas to increase your appreciation for the outdoors. We can offer both hard-scape and soft-scape ideas to compliment your outdoor living spaces and your home’s traffic flow.

Landscape Design 06a

This new timber-framed gazebo was designed to improve the existing outdoor pool area…

Landscape Design 06c

… which included screened-in quarters for dining and a lounge area with a gas fireplace.

Landscape Design 05

A new shading trellace for this older home.

Landscape Design 05-11

A new terraced backyard for this two-storey home.


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New patio and pond for a cottage.